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Chairman's Message

Walter Rene Mayer

Thank you for taking time to read my message. I and my wife Manuela, we established "HAYATT Real Estate LLC" back in 1996 in Abu Dhabi. The highest building in Abu Dhabi at the time was the Baynunah Tower and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai was still under construction. In those years selling a property in Abu Dhabi was a rare thing to happen, even between UAE nationals. Those of you who were already in Abu Dhabi in 1996 will remember how difficult it was to locate a decent rental accommodation. Consequently we set our goal for the first years of operation in establishing a first class Property Leasing Department. Over the years we have added our Sales Department, our Property Management Department, and lately our Maintenance Division. We have managed to place us in a solid market position in all these fields of activity with a high focus on Abu Dhabi. So whether you are looking for a rental property, your own dream home on the beach, your own corporate headquarters, a company to manage your property when you are away, someone to clean or maintain your property, or if you are simply searching for an opportunity to invest your money, we can provide a “One Stop Shop” for all your property needs.

Company Profile

HAYATT Real Estate LLC was established in Abu Dhabi as early as in 1996. According to its founder and Chairman, Walter Rene Mayer, the aim of HAYATT Real Estate LLC is to be as multifaceted, modern and innovative as possible, a One Stop Shop that will provide a 5-star service to its Clients. HAYATT Real Estate LLC has grown from a one-man operation to an organization now leasing, selling, managing, furnishing, maintaining, and even cleaning properties. Hayatt Real Estate has embraced technology and recognized the importance of strategically understanding the online market. As early as in 1998 HAYATT Real Estate developed its first web presence and went online with a web site that since then has developed into a highly sophisticated and user-friendly portal. The expansion of HAYATT Real Estate LLC and its presence in the Abu Dhabi property market has been the result of years of dedication and determination since the days of the start-up in 1996.